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Criminal lawyer

The services of a criminal lawyer in Krasnodar are provided by Antonova Ekaterina Nikolaevna, in particularly important cases, the lawyer provides prompt departure to the client. Criminal lawyer Antonova is a Master of Law with more than eighteen years of experience. Over the years, she has achieved dozens of terminated criminal cases, including on charges of groups of individuals, as well as acquittals in criminal cases.

Remember, having a lawyer forces law enforcement officials to take into account the client's rights, which prevents abuse of power, and sometimes leads to an end to the prosecution.

Each participant in the case can use the services of a defense lawyer:

  • defendant;
  • suspect;
  • witness;
  • victim.
Important! The lawyer has the right to meet with his client in private, and before the first interrogation. Thanks to this, it is possible to formulate a protection strategy in a timely manner.

You can contact a specialist at any stage:

  • upon arrest;
  • during the investigation;
  • in court proceedings;
  • for parole, etc.

The lack of qualified legal assistance of the experienced lawyer in criminal and civil cases leads to the complication of the process.

Types of offenses that require a lawyer

A specialist must participate in the process if investigative actions take place:

  • robbery;
  • rape;
  • robbery;
  • theft;
  • hooliganism;
  • extortion;
  • drug trafficking;
  • fraudulent;
  • murder, etc.

A lawyer is needed for full support from the moment of suspicion to the mitigation or cancellation of the sentence. The offense is not always committed intentionally. Examples: domestic conflicts, road accidents, relationships at work, etc.

In any such cases, the services of a criminal lawyer in Krasnodar, Ekaterina Nikolaevna Antonova, will help you. Telephone for communication with a specialist, operational assistance: + 7-918-430-55-55 .

How much does a criminal defense lawyer cost?

The cost of the service is determined by the complexity and circumstances of the case. You can apply for the first free consultation. A lawyer provides the following services:

  • familiarization with the materials, their analysis;
  • developing a security strategy;
  • accumulation of evidence;
  • preparation of applications;
  • consulting support;
  • case management;
  • appeal against the verdict, the work of the investigator, etc.;
  • control of the examination;
  • defense in court proceedings;
  • UDO.

Attorney Antonova Ekaterina Nikolaevna has a lot of positive feedback from clients. The specialist has a large number of successfully completed cases with parole, acquittals, etc. The prices for the specialist's services can be found in the corresponding section of the site. Absolute confidentiality guaranteed!

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Lawyer in Krasnodar

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The Lawyer Antonova Ekaterina Nikolaevna provides reliable legal protection in Krasnodar, has a huge legal practice, an excellent reputation among regular clients and a large number of cases won in various courts, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

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